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A March hare, a blurb, COMPLICIT's release day, and more


So far it’s managed to rain the entire month of March. Seeing as I’m in California, that’s been a good thing. Our hills are green; our Sierras white. Other good things have happened this March, too. My daughter, my mother, and I recently traveled to Turlock for the state Rabbit and Cavy Convention (cavies are guinea pigs). My daughter shows her Netherland dwarf and does 4-H showmanship (where she’s judged on how she presents her rabbit), and we also got her a new rabbit: a broken baby Polish buck she has named Harlequin (broken refers to his color). … read the rest

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here's to an early spring

Groundhog Day is hereIMG_7669, and already it feels as if this year is speeding ahead without me when I’m not looking. My kid’s baseball season starts today (and it’s raining), the Super Bowl is in town, The X-Files is back, and I have a book due this month, which I am in the midst of furiously revising.

I also recently received ARCs of The Smaller Evil, which are beautiful and which means this book is almost a real thing. It’s always a lovely moment in the publishing process and also a bittersweet one—a ritual, really—this baton passing of … read the rest

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Morris Award Finalist Interview: Kelly Loy Gilbert, author of CONVICTION

convictionToday I’m wrapping up this fabulous week of Morris Award finalist interviews by sharing a conversation I had with the lovely Kelly Loy Gilbert, author of CONVICTION. Truth be told, I’ve had been a huge fan of this book ever since I read it last spring and I am so very happy to see it being recognized by this year’s Morris Committee. CONVICTION is the story of Braden, a high school pitching star whose life is thrown into chaos when his evangelical radio-host father is indicted in the murder of a police officer. Braden’s estranged brother Trey comes read the rest

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some news

Hello! This is just a quick post to share a few bits of news.

  • The cover (and new title) for my 2016 book, The Smaller Evil, was revealed over at YA Highway. You can check out what I said about it over there, but bottom line is that I love it. It’s perfect. I can’t wait for you to read Arman’s story.
  • I’ve seen the first pass pages of the book. They are beautiful. They also mean that the book is pretty much done. At least the writing-of-it part. I haven’t quite said my goodbyes to it yet,
read the rest
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