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In bloom: Of April and old cats

Just wanted to post a few updates and events for 2018. First of all, I’m excited to be traveling to Santa Monica May 4 and 5 for YALLWEST. It’s such a fun event and I hope to see you there!

In writing news, the cover for (DON’T) CALL ME CRAZY is up and it is gorgeous! I’m thrilled to have an essay in this anthology. It’s about my experience with misophonia and how a lifetime of sound intolerance and intrusive thoughts have shaped my sense of self.

I’m also excited to be a part of the upcoming Poe-inspired anthology, … read the rest

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Morris Award Finalist Interview: Akemi Dawn Bowman and STARFISH!

It’s that time of the year again! The fabulous list of this year’s William C. Morris Award finalists is out and the lovely tradition of past winners interviewing the current nominees endures. I was fortunate enough to be paired with Akemi Dawn Bowman, author of STARFISH, which was a book I’d heard wonderful things about from Brandy Colbert, whose taste I always trust. Well, it was right up my alley and I loved this book and its thoughtful exploration of trauma, anxiety, art, pain, and identity. STARFISH is about a biracial teen, Kiko, who lives in a household … read the rest

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A (late) look at October past

We’re on the far side of November now, but I am finally taking the time to look back at my favorite month of the year. This past October was wonderfully full of birthday cake, cross-country meets, hiking beneath the giant sequoias, acquiring a new kitten (hi, George Michael!), and of course, tackling Booklist’s annual horror film challenge.

I hit 36 films this year, and with the discovery of ShudderTV, I was able to watch a lot of indie and foreign films I hadn’t seen before, plus some great stuff from the seventies. The list is below. I’ve highlighted … read the rest

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It’s the first day of August, and my fifth book is out today! WHEN I AM THROUGH WITH YOU follows eight teens from a high school orienteering club who set out on a backpacking trip in the remote Trinity Alps. Pretty much everything goes wrong, and the book’s narrator Ben earnestly recounts the terrible events of this trip, the group’s fight for survival, and ultimately, his role in the death of his beloved girlfriend Rose.  

This book has meant a lot to me, right from the start. The story is undeniably dark and often sad, but where a lot of read the rest

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