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Carry Your Secret to My Grave (Murder She Wrote #2)

 Author: Stephanie Kuehn  Publisher: Scholastic  Published: 10/31/2023  Pages: 304  Buy Now

“Someone knows where you live. And whoever they are, they want you to know… you’re next.”

Bea Fletcher never met a cold case she didn’t want to solve. So when she finds herself staying
with family near Lake Paloma, she’s torn. Sure, she’s not thrilled to be bunking with her moody,
taciturn uncle and his wife while her father’s out of town. Being away from Cabot Cove means
less time for Bea to work on her true crime blog, visit her great-aunt Jessica, and spend time
with new friends Leisl, Leif, and Carlos and the mysterious underground treasure hunting
game they’ve been playing.

But Lake Paloma has mysteries of its own, including the unsolved drowning of teenaged Eden
Vicente the year before. And when Bea starts to ask questions about Eden’s death, the answers
lead her closer to home than she ever imagined. If Bea isn’t careful, she could be the next
girl to end up at the bottom of the lake.

And underwater, no one can hear you scream…

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