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here's to an early spring
By stephanie Posted in books, Uncategorized on 02/02/2016 2 Comments
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Groundhog Day is hereIMG_7669, and already it feels as if this year is speeding ahead without me when I’m not looking. My kid’s baseball season starts today (and it’s raining), the Super Bowl is in town, The X-Files is back, and I have a book due this month, which I am in the midst of furiously revising.

I also recently received ARCs of The Smaller Evil, which are beautiful and which means this book is almost a real thing. It’s always a lovely moment in the publishing process and also a bittersweet one—a ritual, really—this baton passing of focus from story to story.

A few other updates or bits of news:

I have some local upcoming events that I’m excited about. At Books, Inc., I’ll be celebrating the upcoming paperback release of Complicit.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned here that The Smaller Evil will be an audiobook—my first audiobook! It will be released through Listening Library at the same time as the hardcover (August 2, 2016).

I wrote a blog post recently for School Library Journal’s wonderful Mental Health in YA Lit (#MHYALit) series, put together by librarians Karen Jensen and Amanda MacGregor, who are amazing advocates for mental health awareness.

Charm & Strange was named to YALSA’s 2016 Top Ten Popular Paperback for Young Adults list.

That’s it, I think, for now. Back to writing in the rain.





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  1. Congrats on getting your first audiobook, Stephanie! I can’t wait to read THE SMALLER EVIL. Your books are always so inspiring…and chilling ;-)

    Yes to The X-Files’ return!! I think they’ve done a wonderful job so far. I really loved this week’s episode. And coincidentally enough, I thought the psyche of the were-monster (when he was in human form and dealing with the emotions of becoming a human when all he ever saw himself as being was this lizard creature) reminded me so much of the mental issues many of your characters endure. I think it’s so important to show this type of diversity in mainstream forms of media, and to portray the characters/individuals in a realistic, compassionate, relating light. And your books do this perfectly.

    1. Thank you, Lori! I really appreciate that. :) And with the X-Files, I loved this week’s episode, as well, and the were-monster’s existential despair (and all the humans, too). But it also reminded me of my favorite Scooby Doo episode where a werewolf bites Scooby and he turns into a person. He ends up having a weird conversation with Shaggy. It’s so odd…it’s always stuck in my mind.

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