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A March hare, a blurb, COMPLICIT's release day, and more
By stephanie Posted in books, Uncategorized on 03/15/2016 One Comment
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So far it’s managed to rain the entire month of March. Seeing as I’m in California, that’s been a good thing. Our hills are green; our Sierras white. Other good things have happened this March, too. My daughter, my mother, and I recently traveled to Turlock for the state Rabbit and Cavy Convention (cavies are guinea pigs). My daughter shows her Netherland dwarf and does 4-H showmanship (where she’s judged on how she presents her rabbit), and we also got her a new rabbit: a broken baby Polish buck she has named Harlequin (broken refers to his color). He is darling.

Even more good things:

  • The Smaller Evil got a beautiful blurb from the amazing Laura Ruby, for which I am very thankful. I admire her writing so very much, so it’s a huge honor for me that she had such nice things to say about my new book:
“Suspenseful and enigmatic, bristling with Stephanie Kuehn’s vivid prose and sharp-eyed characterizations, THE SMALLER EVIL kept me guessing till the very last page.  I immediately flipped back to the first page to read it again, and so will you.”

— Laura Ruby, Printz Award Winning Author of BONE GAP

  • Finally, the paperback of Complicit releases today! I’m so excited for this edition to be out in the world. This book takes place in my own backyard, so it’s one I can’t help but think of often–when I look out at Mt. Diablo and the tule fog, or when I walk down College Avenue in Berkeley and see kittens in the pet store window. It’s close to home in so many ways, from proximity to adoption and much, much more.



Here’s to the rest of March and all its darling hares (and cavies)!







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  1. Harlequin is incredibly adorable! Congrats to your daughter for all her hard work in 4H. I was in the 4H Equine club for most of my childhood, so I know the amount of work that goes into caring for your animal(s) and shows/competitions.

    Congrats on the wonderful blurb from Laura Ruby! I adore BONE GAP and I think it’s wonderful for her to give THE SMALLER EVIL an excellent review; a review that makes me even more excited to read the book!

    Also, a big congrats on the paperback release of COMPLICIT. Or as I like to refer to it when recommending it friends, colleagues, and students: “one of the best books ever written!” :-)

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