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Delicate Monsters

 Author: Stephanie Kuehn  Publisher: St. Martin's Press  Pages: 240

When nearly killing a classmate gets seventeen-year-old Sadie Su kicked out of her third boarding school in
four years, she returns to her family’s California vineyard estate. Here, she’s meant to stay out of trouble.
Here, she’s meant to do a lot of things. But it’s hard. She’s bored. And when Sadie’s bored, the only thing
she likes is trouble.

Emerson Tate’s a poor boy living in a rich town, with his widowed mother and strange, haunted little brother.
All he wants his senior year is to play basketball and make something happen with the girl of his dreams.
That’s why Emerson’s not happy Sadie’s back. An old childhood friend, she knows his worst secrets. The things
he longs to forget. The things she won’t ever let him.

Haunted is a good word for fifteen-year-old Miles Tate. Miles can see the future, after all. And he knows his
vision of tragic violence at his school will come true, because his visions always do. That’s what he tells
the new girl in town. The one who listens to him. The one who recognizes the darkness in his past.

But can Miles stop the violence? Or has the future already been written? Maybe tragedy is his destiny. Maybe
it’s all of theirs.

Delicate Monsters is Stephanie Kuehn at her finest.

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