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Summer is here: news, parties, and 50 years of Loving
By stephanie Posted in books, Uncategorized on 06/12/2017 4 Comments
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The first half of 2017 has been both a whirlwind and a grind. In March, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong for the annual Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival. I spent an amazing week exploring the city, visiting schools, and speaking to students about empathy, mental health, and the art of crafting suspense. On the flip side of all that fun, however, I also put in countless solitary hours studying and preparing for the national licensing exam for professional practice in psychology (which I passed, phew).

With so much going on, these past few months I’ve had less time for writing but am finally getting back into it. That feels good. Also, I have a book coming out on August 1st! I am excited about that, and in happy news, WHEN I AM THROUGH WITH YOU received a starred review from Kirkus, who said:

“Taut plotting combines with prose that’s by turns delicately plush and trenchantly foulmouthed for a riveting experience. Full of secrets and plot twists, Kuehn’s latest is a satisfying, sophisticated study in complicated relationships.” (You can read the whole review here.)

In even more happy news, one of my favorite people in the world, Brandy Colbert (POINTE, LITTLE & LION) and I are joining together for dual launch parties: one in Berkeley and one in Los Angeles. The details are below and we hope you can come celebrate with us!

Party #1: Saturday, August 12 at Mrs. Dalloway’s Books in Berkeley. 4:00 pm.

Party #2 Saturday August 26 at Skylight Books in Los Angeles. 5:00 pm.

And finally, today is the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling in Loving v. Virginia. A very special day, which I’ve written about before.

Happy summer and a very, very happy Loving Day!



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  1. I’ve got your new book on the top of my summer reading pile!

    And I wanted to add that the Lovings are of great interest to me, not only for their landmark supreme court decision, but for their personal bravery and tenacity. I’ve just finished watching the several movies and documentaries about the couple and their lives and their fight for justice. Very inspiring!

    1. Thank you, Kathryn! Yes, I’m so glad there’s been new interest in the Lovings of late. Their story is a special one. -sk

  2. Congrats on passing your exam!! I recently read Loving Vs. Virginia and it broke my heart. I’m glad this story has more of the attention it deserves. I’d love to see the movie.

    Also, I cannot wait for WHEN I AM THROUGH WITH YOU. I always eagerly anticipate each of your books. Your writing is always superb!!

    1. Thank you so much, Lori! I hope you’re doing well. I love all your animal photos! Steph

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