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DSC_0161This year is ending as others before it: Once again, I’m reading over pass pages of a new book, hoping I’ve gotten it right and fearing that I haven’t. Once again, I’m enjoying spending time with kids who, thank God, still enjoy spending time with me. Once again, I plan to ring in the New Year on a quiet night with the best of friends (along with some really good wine).

But the year to come is a year for more. And why not? I want to play more music. Take more pictures. Run more trails. I want to listen more. Read more. Talk more. Sleep more. Be more generous. Tell more of the hardest stories with the most empathy.

More is good, I think, not when it’s about taking or using, but when it’s about being. When it’s about kindness. And curiosity. And acceptance.

So be more.

And more.

And more again.

See you in 2015.




The cover for my new book, DELICATE MONSTERS, was revealed yesterday on the Barnes and Noble blog, along with some of my thoughts on the cover and its significance.

Bottom line: I love it.

This was also the first time I had the opportunity to put into words some of what this book means to me. What it’s about. That’s always an interesting exercise. My understanding of meaning tends to work in reverse and therefore gets gummed up by the result more than it represents the process. My process, however, is not a purposeful thing. It’s driven by a blend of my own temperament. I’m filled with more curiosity than altruism, more shame than sympathy, and far more empathy than I know what to do with.

That, I suppose, is what this book is about.



things worth remembering

It’s been an intballrunense couple of months of late, filled mostly with the sort of work that has me sitting at my desk with my head down and my noise canceling headphones on, functionally blocked off from the rest of the world. But interspersed with long bouts of dissertation writing, blue-pencil copyediting, and even a bit of writing-writing, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a number of great book events. From the fabulous KidLitCon in Sacramento, to the Vegas Valley Book Festival and the Boston Book Festival, I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and to meet many kind and passionate writers, bloggers, librarians, and readers. It’s been wonderful.

It’s been unforgettable.

There have also been milestones and moments of joy at home. Two of my children had birthdays recently, including my eldest, who is now a teenager and who makes me laugh. My youngest child is in the midst of learning to read, which is always an amazing thing to witness. Like learning to walk and talk, it’s one of the few maturation processes that can be observed tangibly.

In bookish news, I am featured on a recent episode of FirstDraftPod, which is a smart, fabulous podcast put together by my dear friend Sarah Enni. She has been driving around the country interviewing authors in their homes about their writing process. In my case, we actually met up at my in-laws home in Vermont this past summer. I was also really happy and honored to find out yesterday that COMPLICIT made the 2015 Texas Library Association’s TAYSHAS teen reading list.

Speaking of Texas, that is where I am headed this weekend. I will be in Austin for the YALSA YA Lit Symposium, which I am so looking forward to. Austin’s a wonderful city, and the programming at the symposium looks incredible. I’m on a panel Saturday morning (details below) with an amazing group of authors whom I really admire. It should be a great discussion. Hope to see you there!

Saturday November 15, 2014
Beyond the Books: Using Realistic YA Lit as a Springboard to Improved Teen Services
Presenters: Robin Fogle Kurz and Allie Stevens Participating authors: Evan Roskos, Stephanie Kuehn, Kekla Magoon, Meg Medina, Melissa Kantor.
10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Hyatt Regency Austin
Texas 11 and 111, 2nd floor
Austin, TX






It’s been a whirlwind summer of bookishphoto things and travel and good friends and good family and road trips and trying experiences that are far outside my comfort zone. It’s also been a scorching season of life and death: the thrill of holding a friend’s beautiful new baby; the sorrow of saying goodbye to a dear friend who’s been a part of my life since before I was born.

In both the joy and the sadness (and everything in between), I’m thankful for the adventures I’ve had, and all the wonderful people I’ve met over the past few months. I’ll be settling in to work on my studies from now until October, and will probably be pretty quiet until then. I’m also finishing up the final edits on my third book, which I am excited to share with the world. Oh, one thing I am excited to share now is this interview I did over at YALSA’s The Hub, where I got to answer questions not only about writing for teens, but about my own teen years.

Here’s to the last heat flare of summer. Enjoy.