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complicit_coverToday is the day my second book, Complicit, is released into the world. It’s a book about secrets and tragedy, melody and dissonance, sibling love and sibling rivalry. It’s a book about adoption and loss and guilt and gain and the endless wondering if where one comes from even matters at all, Maybe now is all that means anything.

If you read it, I hope you like it. I hope you listen to a little Thelonious Monk along the way, too.

For anyone who is in the Bay Area, I am throwing a launch party on Thursday, June 26, 7:30 pm at Mrs. Dalloway’s in Berkeley. I hope you can make it. The store also wrote this beautiful review of Complicit, which I love. In addition, I have a few other events planned over the coming months, with the next being at the fabulous Oblong Books in Rhinebeck, NY. Please check out the events page for all the details.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported me and my writing. You helped make this day possible, and for that I am so very grateful.

Order Complicit: Indiebound, Powell’s, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Books a Million, Book Depository.


Loving Day 2014

lday14Today is June 12, which means it’s Loving Day. I talk about this day every year because it’s a day worth celebrating. On June 12, 1967, the US Supreme Court struck down all anti-miscenegation laws as unconstitutional in their ruling of Loving v. Virginia. These were laws that forbade interracial marriage, and the Supreme Court’s ruling allowed Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving to be legally married after their 9-year fight with the state of Virginia. It’s the Lovings’ legacy that is honored and remembered today, and they are the reason my husband and I have been happily married for almost 15 years. For that we are so very thankful.

The 1967 Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Lovings eloquently asserts: “The freedom to marry has long been recognized as one of the vital personal rights essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men.”  An undoubtedly beautiful ideal, however, when that freedom to marry is still not a reality.for many people in this country, then this day must not only be for celebrating the sweet endurance of love, but also a reminder to keep pushing for marriage equality and for true freedom for all.

Happy Loving Day!




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My first real copy of COMPLICIT showed up in the mail yesterday. It’s always a thrill to see an idea that’s lived inside your head for so long become a thing. Oh, and it’s a beautiful thing. Kerri Resnick at St. Martin’s did such a gorgeous job with the cover design.

The arrival of this book also means June is here. Summer. Loving Day. Launch day. Children sleeping late and bounding around the house. Spring went by in a flash, and I have a feeling this month will, too. COMPLICIT officially releases on June 24th and I am frantically planning a fabulous launch party that will take place on June 26th at Mrs. Dalloway’s in Berkeley. If you’re in the area, I hope you can make it.

Looking ahead to the rest of summer, there’s book 3 to finish, a trip to Vermont, a half marathon in Bear Creek, and a writing workshop in Berkeley. Good stuff then, but also good stuff now.