Monthly Archives: August 2012

Time on my hands…

This is a post about time.

It’s not that I have less of it these days, but I am spending my time differently. This is due to new commitments, new opportunities, ones I’m very excited about. But my life needs balance and for me balance includes both running and writing. This is why I’ve been spending the last few weeks training myself to become a night time runner and an early morning writer, among other things.

Here are a few other ways I’ve been spending my time:

  • Visiting NY, where I was able to meet my wonderful, wonderful editor and many of the fabulous people who work at St. IMG_0321Martin’s Press.
  • Missing my children, who flew to Vermont right after I returned from NY.
  • Driving over drawbridges.
  • Figuring out a concise one-sentence response to the question “so, what’s your book about?” (Maybe answering this question is easy for other writers. In fact, I get the feeling it is. But I think that if it were easy for me to say what my book was about, then maybe I wouldn’t have written it in the first place. However, I was finally able to solve this question-asking dilemma the hard way: by sitting down and writing out what it was I wanted to say and then practicing saying it out loud in front of a mirror. So if you see me, ask!)
  • Getting ready for football season. The countdown is on…
running song of the day: “Horror with Eyeballs” by the Dissociatives