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RTW: Celebrate Black History Month!

Okay, so the topic for Road Trip Wednesday this week is:

Who is your favorite African American author or fictional character?

And…I’m totally cheating, because I picked a character from a film, not a book. But I love this film so much, I thought I’d share it. The title of the film is PRESSURE POINT, and it stars Sidney Poitier as the Doctor, a prison psychiatrist who must analyze Bobby Darin, a bigoted inmate with Nazi sympathies and sociopathic tendencies. Brilliant acting, brilliant psychological suspense. The conflict is built on racial tension, as well as the power differential between the two men, and it plays out in fascinating ways. SEE IT.

Of thanks and nothing bears…


My youngest child refers to clear-colored gummi bears as nothing bears. Nothing bears are his favorite, and to be offered one (as pictured above) is a gesture of true friendship and goodwill.

It’s in that same spirit that I want to say thank you to everyone who has offered their congratulations over the past few days regarding my book news. All of your kind words—here, in real life, on twitter, facebook, YA Highway, etc—well, those words have overwhelmed me. Seriously, guys, your kindness and support means so much. Gah, I’m getting sappy, aren’t I? I think I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.

Nothing bears for everyone!

The good (really good) kind of news…

Oh, wow, I’ve been both bursting with excitement and filled with anxiety in anticipation of getting to share the news that my debut YA novel has sold! Here are the details from Publishers Marketplace:

Stephanie Kuehn’s CHARM & STRANGE, about a sixteen-year-old boy stuck at a remote Vermont boarding school who’s convinced his destiny is to transform into a violent wolf, just like his father before him, and who has perfected the art of shutting people out — until the truth of who he really is comes to light as he forms an unexpected friendship with a young woman with her own troubled past, to Sara Goodman at St. Martin’s, by Michael Bourret at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management (NA).

I could not be happier about getting to put this book out into the world. This isn’t the first novel I’ve written (or the second, or the third…), but it’s the one I’ve felt closest to, right from the start. And while I know the journey I’m on is only just beginning, already I’ve been humbled by every person along the way who has believed in this story and pushed me to make it stronger. I’m also incredibly thankful to Michael Bourret, who truly made this all happen.
More info to come soon!

RTW: Best book of January

So the Road Trip Wednesday topic over at YA Highway today is:

What was the best book you read in January?

Well, first of all, this was sort of a frantic reading month for me. I’m in the middle of internship applications for school and January was the crux of pretty much everything chaotic involved in that process. To say I’m relieved February is here, is an understatement.

So…I haven’t been able to fit a great deal of personal reading time in, and interestingly enough, the books I did read were all out of my normal genres. Of note, I really enjoyed:

Veronica Rossi’s UNDER THE NEVER SKY

Marya Hornbacher’s MADNESS: A BIPOLAR LIFE (this is actually a really tough book to read, but if you’ve read her eating disorder memoir WASTED, then you probably already know that.)

But two books I stumbled across and LOVED were ones my ten-year-old boy picked out. He’s really into art and cartooning, and we recently discovered a very cool bookstore in Berkeley called Escapist. The staff there were incredibly helpful in helping my boy narrow down his choices, since he was sort of overwhelmed by their vast selection of comics, graphic novels, and art books.

I’m not normally a graphic novel type of person, but MOUSE GUARD by David Petersen and THE STUFF OF LEGEND by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith both blew me away, not only with their beautiful art, but also with their honest way of conveying quite dark stories that aren’t at all dumbed down for children. Check ’em out!