Monthly Archives: May 2011

More Road Trips, More Voices

So YA Highway’s Road Trip Wednesday question is:

I think I can honestly say that I’ve never thought about this at all. Probably because I’ve only listened to one audiobook in my entire life: Greg Iles’s DEAD SLEEP. But I did love Susie Breck’s narration of that book, which really surprised me. She was perfect.

My current WIP, a YA something that I’m tentatively calling charm and strange, has a male main character who works really hard to maintain an external presentation of control and rigidity even while what’s going on inside him is anything but controlled. So I’d definitely want his voice to have that dark quality of ominous restraint.

Really, only one actor comes to mind: Christian Bale.

I know he’s older, but meh, whatever. This is fantasy land. And…just because I love this scene…

warning: language!