by stephanie

New stories, new beginnings…

I am so very happy to get to announce that my second YA novel has sold to St. Martin’s Press. From Publisher’s Marketplace:

Author of the forthcoming CHARM & STRANGE, Stephanie Kuehn’s second YA novel, COMPLICIT, about a young man who is forced to deal with the murky memories of his childhood and confront his dark past when his sister comes back to town; memories that may or may not be real, again to Sara Goodman at St. Martin’s, by Michael Bourret at Dystel & Goderich Literary Management (NA).

And wow, not only am I excited for COMPLICIT because it’s spooky and dark and weird, but I am also so fortunate to get to work with all the same wonderful people who’ve helped make CHARM & STRANGE a reality. Many, many thanks to Michael Bourret and Sara Goodman.


galleys and goodbyes

Last night I got home and found this waiting for me on my doorstep:


Surreal doesn’t begin to describe the feeling of holding this galley in my hands, of seeing a Word file that’s moved from My Documents to the multidimensional.  It’s almost like a real book, I keep telling myself.

And soon it will be a real book. Very soon. My mind just has to catch up with reality.

In sadder news, our sweet rat Butter is dying. She’s very old, but I think she’s had a stroke. The kids have been holding her and playing music for her while they say goodbye.



Thank you for being such a dear friend, Butter. You will be missed.

proof, if proof be needed

I’m not one to celebrate a lot of bookish milestones. In fact, I’m not one to celebrate milestones, period. I’m pretty happy to let birthdays slide by without notice. Holiday traditions I can take or leave. That’s a shame, really, if I think about it. Growth comes from reflection. Meaning-making does too.

December 11th is a memorable day in my family’s history. For sad reasons, not good. But it’s a day of undeniable reflection and of much-needed meaning. So this year, on December 11th, when I received both sets of first pass pages (from the US and the UK) for charm & strange,  I decided it was a milestone worth marking. It’s the last time I’ll get to see the manuscript before it’s a book. Before it’s no longer mine.

So here’s a snapshot of the US manuscript in all its messy marked-up glory. I love it. The interior design is beautiful. Stark and moody, just like the cover. Just like the story.

2012-12-13 06.08.57

Okay, back to proofing I go!

Happy Loving Day!

CCE00000-4The picture on the left is from my wedding day, taken back in 1999. Prior to June 12, 1967, if my husband and I had tried to get married, our union would have been considered illegal in over sixteen states. We might have been arrested: just like Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving, a black and Native American woman and a white man, who were arrested and sentenced to jail time in Virginia after their 1958 marriage.

You can read more about the Lovings here and how they took their case all the way to the Supreme Court. And won. It took nine long years (!), but the Loving vs Virginia ruling finally struck down all laws banning interracial marriage as unconstitutional.

So now, every year, on June 12, our household celebrates Loving Day, one of the sweetest and most special holidays around. But we also know that not everyone in this country has the freedom to marry the person they love and that means Loving Day is also a reminder to keep pushing for equality for all.

Because that’s what true justice is.